How to fix QuickBooks unrecoverable error?

How to fix QuickBooks unrecoverable error?

In general, QuickBooks is quite easy to use; you may still encounter some errors. The most common ones are the “QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error”.

So before heading to QuickBooks’ solutions, we should better know what is this “QuickBooks”, so it is an accounting software for businesses, developed by Intuit. It has various variations which consist of enterprise, Accountant, Pro, and premier.

Why do we use it?

  •   To manage sales and expenses and to track daily business transactions.
  •   To invoice customers, pay bills, create reports for future plans and tax-filling.

Basically, we come across with many QuickBooks errors while using QuickBooks software and our tasks may get seriously interrupted if we don’t know about its cause & solutions.  So this “QB” error code is a common thing while using this accounting solution.

First, you have to clarify why problems do happen.

  • Maybe by some files which get damaged while completing the installation.
  • Maybe errors appear and terminate the currently active program window.

So there can be many reasons why QuickBooks’ errors occur. All we should know how to solve this drastic and unrecoverable error.

Causes of QuickBooks unrecoverable error :

The most common occurrence of this issue is when:

  • A window(s) or window were being left open while closing the file
  • QuickBooks gets crashed
  • QuickBooks not closed properly.


QuickBooks is an accounting programme package while opening this programme you can face a QuickBooks unrecoverable error. If you want immediate technical support from an expert, then dial QuickBooks pro advisor phone number and you will get connected to the expert and get possible solutions for your unrecoverable problem.


Apart from this, you can also follow some manual steps to fix your problem which is company data files and application problem.

Some of the common issues caused by damaged data files are-:

  • Reconciliation error
  • QuickBooks stops working
  • QuickBooks could not create pdf
  • Negative account receivable in QuickBooks etc.

QuickBooks unrecoverable error is largely caused at the startup because many applications are also running on the backdrop which may interfere with the current programme.

So below given is a complete guide to help you in fixing it but before fixing your error make sure that your data files are all backed up properly.

Stop QuickBooks from opening multiple windows at the start-up

  • Double click on QuickBooks files and press Alt key.
  • Leave the alt key and provide your user credentials to log into QuickBooks.
  • Press alt key again when the data files are opening.
  • Release the key once the file is opened.

By following the above-mentioned steps, it will stop opening multiple windows which will also stop start-up issues in QuickBooks.

For testing open a sample file:

  • Double click on QuickBooks files and press Ctrl key
  • Hold the Ctrl key until a new company file is opened.
  • Now click on open a sample file
  • Now select one of the sample company data files.

Once you complete these steps, you can restart the accounting program. After that, you will fix that QuickBooks recoverable error.


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